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“The magic of the Harry Potter books is really in the hands of the editors and engineers. They take all the mistakes that I make – and I make thousands of them – and edit them out, and splice the tape reading into such a beautifully seamless production. They’re the geniuses; they’re the ones that we should applaud because nobody knows how much work they have to do.”

Jim Dale, as told to Rochelle O'Gorman'gorman.htm




Shaun Toole provides professional audiobook proofing, editing, and mastering - essential services which are required to produce a quality audiobook product in this competitive age.

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I started in the audio production business with Sears Silvertone tape recorder in 1965, when I was 10 years old, making up stories based on TV shows with my friends and acting them out for the microphone. My junior high friends and I recorded “Mad Magazine” TV and movie satires in character. In high school, I led a group of classmates who produced several history radio programs. I also edited the high school’s literary magazine, “The Talon.” I studied radio, TV, and film production at the University of Georgia’s Journalism School. After graduation, I worked on-air at several radio stations and produced audio with that era's tools of the trade: recording tape, razor blades, and splicing tape. I left the radio world after I obtained a business IT degree, but started using digital audio workstations as a hobby around 2001. Since then, I have professionally edited numerous audio books and music recordings. I’ve found my way back to what I love!

Shaun Toole


I have been really impressed with Shaun’s engineering skills and his ability to fix audio. If you need someone who’ll do a really excellent job on your next audio project, he’s your guy to talk to.


Jon Dee

Australian of the Year 2010 (NSW)

​Founder and Managing Director


I am so impressed by your work ethic and how quickly you get through everything! I'm usually half a book ahead of people and you keep me on my toes!! Thank you!!
Meghan Kelly
Audiobook Narrator




You're the best.  Thanks so much!
Machelle Williams
Audiobook Narrator





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